Limited Warranty and Return Policy  


Limited Warranty and Return Policy


Statewide Doughnut Equipment warrants parts of the equipment manufactures equipment to be free from defects in workmanship and material which would result in product failure under normal use and service. Statewide’s entire liability under this warranty is limited to either repairing or replacing at its factory or; on user’s premises, at Statewide’s option, any equipment or parts thereof, which shall be determined by Statewide to be defective. If necessary to return parts to factory they must be shipped transportation charges prepaid. 

This shall be purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy.

  Equipment manufactures sold through Statewide Doughnut Equipment reserves the right to change in design; or add any improvement, at anytime without incurring any obligations to install, the same, on equipment previously sold.

  This warranty is expressly in lieu of any and all other warranties express or implied, including: implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose, and all other obligations or liabilities what so ever on Statewide’s part. All statutory or implied warranties other than title are expressly nullified and excluded.

  Statewide neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of products sold through Statewide thereof.

  Possession, use/or operation of equipment, or parts sold hereunder for any other than their designed purpose, or use of equipment which is in poor repair, modified, improperly operated, or neglected is done at the owner’s risk. Statewide hereby disclaims any liability for these actions and shall not be liable for defects in or for any damages or loss to the property sold which is attributable to such actions.

  Under no circumstances shall Statewide be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of, or from the use of products bought from Statewide by buyer, it assignees, employees, agents or customers.

  Any equipment bought from Statewide and sent out of the United States will void any and all warranties.

  Statewide makes no express warranties except those contained in this warranty concerning the product sold hereunder. No modification or alteration of this warranty shall be made except by Statewide in writing.

  Warranty Period

This limited warranty covers parts and equipment manufactured for Statewide, and shall extend for a period of one year from date of shipment and to the original buyer only.

  Limited Warranty

Replacement parts provided under the terms of this warranty are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.


This warranty excludes from its coverage and does not apply to: (a) solenoid and relay coils; (b) lamps; (c) “O”rings; (d) belts; and (e) impellers. These items are excluded because (1) failure is usually due to causes beyond our control; (2) it is not practical to accurately determine the failure cause; and (3) the normal life of the parts is shorter than our warranty period. This warranty also excludes the cost of labor for removing and replacing defective parts, other than the labor directly by Statewide when, in Statewide’s opinion, a company repair of the item is justified.

  Procedure for Return

To speed up your credits for returned equipment, we have a return goods policy and procedure. Our procedure starts with a phone call to (253)826-5435 or a letter to our sales office for a return authorization. When contacting Statewide you should be ready to give:

  -  Customer name, address, phone number and individual’s name, invoice number and date.                               

 -  Model number and serial number, reason for return, i.e. credit, exchange,   warranty or repair. Description of Item and problem.

 When we get this information we will issue you a return goods authorization number (RGA). This number must be marked clearly on the outside of the package. If the package is not clearly marked with the RGA #, then the package will be returned unopened to the sender. The RGA # will be open for 30 days, if returnable goods have not been received within 30 days, and then RGA # will be voided.

  Returned goods must be:

 - Returned freight prepaid, packaged securely and carefully so that in-transit damage cannot occur;    and

 - Marked so the package contains the RGA # in the first line of the address line, “Attn: RGA#” (the number being the number given to you by Statewide’s sales department.)

  Please note the following:

-         If the return goods were sent to you due to our mistake, then we will pay all freight charges via our choice of carrier.

-         If the returned goods failed while in service and are still covered by warranty, they need to be returned freight prepaid by you. We will replace the goods at no charge.

-         When returning parts for re-stock: our minimum re-stocking charge is 25% of original invoice amount or $25.00 (whichever is greater), providing the equipment is in new, never-been-used condition. Restocking charges may be increased above the minimum, depending on how much rework the returned goods need. Final determination will be made after Statewide’s inspection of goods.

  Following these guidelines will help expedite the processing of your return.

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